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NSI Annual Report 2014-2015

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Sr. No.DateTitleOpen File
131/03/2017Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
216/01/2017Auction NoticeOpen File
330/12/2016Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
401/10/2016Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
501/10/2016Discontinuation of Commission under pay Roll SavinOpen File
601/10/2016Discontinuation of Public Provident Fund Agency ScOpen File
701/10/2016Discontinuation pf Sanchayika SchemeOpen File
819/09/2016SB Order No.08/2016Open File
903/08/2016Appointment of CPIO under RTI Act of NSI ChandigarOpen File
1027/06/2016GZT notification and corrigendum on PPF calculatioOpen File
 20/06/2016Revised rates of interest on Small Savings SchemesOpen File
 25/05/2016Acceptance of MPKBY business SB orderOpen File
 13/05/2016Discontinuation of physical preprinted NSC and KVPOpen File
 20/04/2016Press Note on NSC and KVP clarification vide OM dOpen File
 05/02/2016Press Communique on Sukanya Samriddhi YojanaOpen File
 01/12/2015Discontinuation of NSC IX issue from 20/12/2015Open File
 02/11/2015RTI CPIO ORDEROpen File
 27/07/2015SCSS and SSA change of interest ratesOpen File
 24/07/2015OM procedure payment of commissionOpen File
 10/07/2015OM cash handling limit for KVP agentsOpen File
 21/05/2015GZT Authorization 560 branches vijaya bank for PPOpen File
 07/04/2015GZT Authorization Canara Bank 49 Br.Open File
 07/04/2015GZT Authorization Oriental Bank of Commerce 250 BrOpen File
 31/03/2015Revision of Interest rate for small Savings SchemeOpen File
 27/03/2015GZT authorization canara bk 250 br.Open File
 23/03/2015GZT Authorization Pujab Sindh BankOpen File
 23/03/2015GZT Autho Central Bank of IndiaOpen File
 02/02/2015GZT Authorization of 48 branches of UCO BankOpen File
 21/01/2015Notification Sukanya Samriddhi Account 80COpen File
 20/01/2015OM Sukanya Samriddhi Account rate of interestOpen File
 15/01/2015Sale of KVP through BanksOpen File
 07/01/2015GZT Authorization of 913 branches of PNBOpen File
 05/12/2014GZT Authorization of 2563 branches of BOIOpen File
 03/12/2014GZT New Scheme SUKANYA SAMRIDHHI ACCOUNTOpen File
 21/11/2014GZT authorization of banks CBOI PSIND OrientalOpen File
 17/10/2014GZT Authorization of 45 branches of BOIOpen File
 01/10/2014GZT Kisan Vikas PatraOpen File
 19/09/2014GZT Authorization of 267 branches of BOBOpen File
 11/09/2014OM Regularization of irregularly opened MIS accounOpen File
 03/09/2014Setting up committee to examine unclaimed PPF PostOpen File
 13/08/2014GZT PPF amendment limit extended to 1.5LakhOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT PPF authorization of 1250 branches of BOIOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 35 branches of Union BankOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 50 branches of PNBOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 294 branches of Central BankOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 35 branches of Union Bank forOpen File
 11/07/2014GZT No 358 amendment rule 2014 POTD PORD Sr CitizeOpen File
 10/06/2014GZT amendment to Sr Citizens Savings Scheme 2004Open File
 02/05/2014GZT amendment Rule 2014 National Small Savings FunOpen File
 28/03/2014GZT POSB General Amendment Rules 2014 Open File
 28/03/2014GZT Authorize 50 Branches of Punjab AND Sind BankOpen File
 04/03/2014Revision of Interest Rates of Small Savings SchemeOpen File
 01/02/2014GZT Authorize 300 Branches of Allahabad bankOpen File
 25/06/2013NSC VIII revised rateOpen File
 20/06/2013Admissible rate of interest 2013 14Open File
 01/04/2013Interest Rate Small SavingOpen File
 16/07/2012Interest on NRI PPF accounts after maturityOpen File
 01/04/2012Admissible rate of interest for 2012 13Open File
 26/03/2012Admissible rate of interest for 2012 13Open File
 29/11/2011GZT NSC IX Issue 2011Open File
 28/11/2011G.S.R.740(E),741(E),742(E),743(E),744(E)Open File
 28/11/2011Notification of Change Small Saving SchemesOpen File
 25/11/2011S.O. 2681(E) and S.O.2682(E) Dt. 25-11-2011 RegarOpen File
 25/11/2011Notification Dt. 25-11-2011 regarding K.V.P. and SAS-MPKBY agencyOpen File
 25/11/2011GSR 841(E), GSR842(E), GSR843(E), GSR844(E), GSR845(E), GSR846(E) Dt. 25.11.2011Open File
 11/11/2011Committee decision NSSFOpen File
 15/09/2011G.S.R. No 681(E) Dt. 15-09-2011 regarding PO Savings AccountOpen File
 01/06/2011Payment of interest in PPF(HUF) accountOpen File
 08/04/2011PPF interest wef 13.5.2005-ClarificationOpen File
 07/12/2010Notification interest in PPF accountOpen File
 10/02/2010Date of deposit under PPFScheme SCSSchemeOpen File
 26/08/2008Workers Wage A/c under the NREG ActOpen File
 26/06/2008Amendment of rule 7 to PORD Rules 1981Open File
 26/06/2008Amendment of rule 4, to POTD Rules 1981Open File
 01/08/2007Investment limit in M.I.S. AccountOpen File
 03/01/2007Opening of PPF a/c -dual citizenship clarificationOpen File
 23/06/2006Sr. Citizens Savings Scheme - TDS IssuesOpen File
 23/06/2006Sr. Citizen Savings Scheme- TDS issuesOpen File
 06/06/2006Senior Citizen Savings Scheme-TDS issueOpen File
 29/08/2005GZT PPF Authorization of IDBIOpen File
 14/06/2005GZT PPF Authorization of ICICI BankOpen File

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Thursday, June 29, 2017 , 12:48:14 AM

SUKANYA SAMRIDHHI ACCOUNT RULES 2016, Notification vide G.S.R. No. 323 dated 18 March 2016.

Revision in interest rates of Small Savings Schemes  

Vacancy of Regional Director Sr. on Deputation Basis

Vacancy of Regional Director Jr. on Deputation Basis

Discontinuation of NSC IX issue from 20/12/2015

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New Scheme launched by Hon'ble Prime Minister for Girl Child named " Sukanya Samridhhi Account"

Annual Report 2014-15

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SUKANYA SAMRIDHHI ACCOUNT RULES 2016, Notification vide G.S.R. No. 323 dated 18 March 2016.

Revision in interest rates of Small Savings Schemes  

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