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Sr. No.DateTitleOpen File
101/07/2021Rates of Interest on Small Saving SchemesOpen File
224/05/2021Renewal of agency system in relation to SSSOpen File
307/05/2021Changes in Scheme Rules 2020Open File
405/03/2021Change of name in the accounts opened under NSSOpen File
512/12/2019Scheme Rules 2019Open File
631/12/2018Rates of Interest on Small Saving Schemes w.r.t JaOpen File
705/10/2018Government Savings Promotion General Rules 2018Open File
817/01/20180x3c7363726970743e616c657274282268657922293b3c2f73Open File
903/01/2018Inclusion of Aadhaar in respect of Small Saving ScOpen File
1003/01/2018Rates of Interest on Small Saving Schemes w.r.t 01Open File
 31/10/2017Change of name of RD MIS NSCOpen File
 31/10/2017Authorisation of banks for all schemesOpen File
 30/10/2017Advertisement on World Thrift Day(Hindi)Open File
 30/10/2017Advertisement on World Thrift Day(English)Open File
 29/09/2017Interest Rates for Small Savings Schemes w.e.f. 01Open File
 27/09/2017Vacancy for Young ProfessionalsOpen File
 19/09/2017Change of NSIs HQ from Nagpur to DelhiOpen File
 15/09/2017Revision of Commission Payable to SAS Agents on KVOpen File
 17/07/2017Vacancy for Regional Director (Senior) on DeputatiOpen File
 17/07/2017Vacancy for Regional Director (Junior) on DeputatiOpen File
 17/07/2017Vacancy for Deputy Director on Deputation BasisOpen File
 07/07/2017Notification of interest payable on various SchemeOpen File
 30/06/2017Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
 31/03/2017Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
 16/01/2017Auction NoticeOpen File
 30/12/2016Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
 01/10/2016Revision of Interest Rates for Small Savings SchemOpen File
 01/10/2016Discontinuation of Commission under pay Roll SavinOpen File
 01/10/2016Discontinuation of Public Provident Fund Agency ScOpen File
 01/10/2016Discontinuation pf Sanchayika SchemeOpen File
 19/09/2016SB Order No.08/2016Open File
 03/08/2016Appointment of CPIO under RTI Act of NSI ChandigarOpen File
 27/06/2016GZT notification and corrigendum on PPF calculatioOpen File
 20/06/2016Revised rates of interest on Small Savings SchemesOpen File
 25/05/2016Acceptance of MPKBY business SB orderOpen File
 13/05/2016Discontinuation of physical preprinted NSC and KVPOpen File
 20/04/2016Press Note on NSC and KVP clarification vide OM dOpen File
 05/02/2016Press Communique on Sukanya Samriddhi YojanaOpen File
 01/12/2015Discontinuation of NSC IX issue from 20/12/2015Open File
 02/11/2015RTI CPIO ORDEROpen File
 27/07/2015SCSS and SSA change of interest ratesOpen File
 24/07/2015OM procedure payment of commissionOpen File
 10/07/2015OM cash handling limit for KVP agentsOpen File
 21/05/2015GZT Authorization 560 branches vijaya bank for PPOpen File
 07/04/2015GZT Authorization Canara Bank 49 Br.Open File
 07/04/2015GZT Authorization Oriental Bank of Commerce 250 BrOpen File
 31/03/2015Revision of Interest rate for small Savings SchemeOpen File
 27/03/2015GZT authorization canara bk 250 br.Open File
 23/03/2015GZT Authorization Pujab Sindh BankOpen File
 23/03/2015GZT Autho Central Bank of IndiaOpen File
 02/02/2015GZT Authorization of 48 branches of UCO BankOpen File
 21/01/2015Notification Sukanya Samriddhi Account 80COpen File
 20/01/2015OM Sukanya Samriddhi Account rate of interestOpen File
 15/01/2015Sale of KVP through BanksOpen File
 07/01/2015GZT Authorization of 913 branches of PNBOpen File
 05/12/2014GZT Authorization of 2563 branches of BOIOpen File
 03/12/2014GZT New Scheme SUKANYA SAMRIDHHI ACCOUNTOpen File
 21/11/2014GZT authorization of banks CBOI PSIND OrientalOpen File
 17/10/2014GZT Authorization of 45 branches of BOIOpen File
 01/10/2014GZT Kisan Vikas PatraOpen File
 19/09/2014GZT Authorization of 267 branches of BOBOpen File
 11/09/2014OM Regularization of irregularly opened MIS accounOpen File
 03/09/2014Setting up committee to examine unclaimed PPF PostOpen File
 13/08/2014GZT PPF amendment limit extended to 1.5LakhOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT PPF authorization of 1250 branches of BOIOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 35 branches of Union BankOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 50 branches of PNBOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 294 branches of Central BankOpen File
 01/08/2014GZT Authorization of 35 branches of Union Bank forOpen File
 11/07/2014GZT No 358 amendment rule 2014 POTD PORD Sr CitizeOpen File
 10/06/2014GZT amendment to Sr Citizens Savings Scheme 2004Open File
 02/05/2014GZT amendment Rule 2014 National Small Savings FunOpen File
 28/03/2014GZT POSB General Amendment Rules 2014 Open File
 28/03/2014GZT Authorize 50 Branches of Punjab AND Sind BankOpen File
 04/03/2014Revision of Interest Rates of Small Savings SchemeOpen File
 01/02/2014GZT Authorize 300 Branches of Allahabad bankOpen File
 25/06/2013NSC VIII revised rateOpen File
 20/06/2013Admissible rate of interest 2013 14Open File
 01/04/2013Interest Rate Small SavingOpen File
 16/07/2012Interest on NRI PPF accounts after maturityOpen File
 01/04/2012Admissible rate of interest for 2012 13Open File
 26/03/2012Admissible rate of interest for 2012 13Open File
 29/11/2011GZT NSC IX Issue 2011Open File
 28/11/2011G.S.R.740(E),741(E),742(E),743(E),744(E)Open File
 28/11/2011Notification of Change Small Saving SchemesOpen File
 25/11/2011S.O. 2681(E) and S.O.2682(E) Dt. 25-11-2011 RegarOpen File
 25/11/2011Notification Dt. 25-11-2011 regarding K.V.P. and SAS-MPKBY agencyOpen File
 25/11/2011GSR 841(E), GSR842(E), GSR843(E), GSR844(E), GSR845(E), GSR846(E) Dt. 25.11.2011Open File
 11/11/2011Committee decision NSSFOpen File
 15/09/2011G.S.R. No 681(E) Dt. 15-09-2011 regarding PO Savings AccountOpen File
 01/06/2011Payment of interest in PPF(HUF) accountOpen File
 08/04/2011PPF interest wef 13.5.2005-ClarificationOpen File
 07/12/2010Notification interest in PPF accountOpen File
 10/02/2010Date of deposit under PPFScheme SCSSchemeOpen File
 26/08/2008Workers Wage A/c under the NREG ActOpen File
 26/06/2008Amendment of rule 7 to PORD Rules 1981Open File
 26/06/2008Amendment of rule 4, to POTD Rules 1981Open File
 01/08/2007Investment limit in M.I.S. AccountOpen File
 03/01/2007Opening of PPF a/c -dual citizenship clarificationOpen File
 23/06/2006Sr. Citizens Savings Scheme - TDS IssuesOpen File
 23/06/2006Sr. Citizen Savings Scheme- TDS issuesOpen File
 06/06/2006Senior Citizen Savings Scheme-TDS issueOpen File
 29/08/2005GZT PPF Authorization of IDBIOpen File
 14/06/2005GZT PPF Authorization of ICICI BankOpen File

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